Ramblin Kid Suitcase

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  • Now your little trekker can getalong to grandma's house in style with the Ramblin' Kid Suitcase. So very vintage in your choice of two classic motifs, this case is as good for sleepovers as it is for storage. It has a sturdy, modern construction with all the charm of a childhood suitcase. Each is lined in durable canvas - with a mini mirror tucked inside. Piggy Story nametag included. SUITCASE: 10" h.x 14" w. x 5" d

    Order your Ramblin' Kid Suitcase "as is" or accessorize it to include a matching sleep mask, tot-sized pillow and cozy fleece wrap.
    PILLOW SIZE: 12" x 9" FLEECE SIZE: 32"x 40"
    Suitcase Only $36.00 Suitcase w/ Sleep Set $56.00 / Set
  • Your nephew is coming over for a sleepover. He needs to bring his bear, his blankie and all three paper airplanes you helped him make. He'll need a snazzy suitcase, don't you think? We thought you did, Auntie.