Disney Princess & Me 18 inch Doll - Cinderella

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  • Disney Cinderella fans will love our Disney Princess and Me 18 inch Doll Cinderella! The Disney Princess and Me dolls let you live a royal lifestyle with your favorite princess! Our Disney Princess and Me 18 inch Doll Cinderella includes:

        * 1 18-inch Doll
        * 1 Ball Gown
        * 1 Pair of Shoes 1 Princess Magazine
        * 1 Princess Certificate
        * 1 Royal Invitation
    Sweet and gorgeous Cinderella loves to dress in beautiful gowns and go to parties. But most of all, she loves having a friend like you. Whether you're getting ready for the royal ball together, dancing at a ballet recital or sharing secrets at sleepovers, Cinderella just wants to share magical moments with you...Because that's what best friends are for.
  • Your niece is a little princess? Well if the shoe fits....