LeapFrog TAG Activity Storybook - World Map

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  • Use your Tag Reader to bring this interactive, two-sided world map to life! Embark on a global adventure as you learn fun facts while playing more than 30 games and activities. Children can earn online rewards and parents can connect the Tag Reader to the online LeapFrog Learning Path to see what their child is learning.

    North, south, east, west—find an amazing interactive adventure with maps that take you from sea to shining sea, across continents and more with this map pack.

    • Soar into an around-the-world adventure as you learn fun facts and play games with the two-sided Tag™ World map.
    • More than twenty interactive games bring fun characters and map facts to life.
    • Teaches map skills, world geography, famous places and animals and world languages.
    • Meet kid characters from around the country, learn what they eat and how they play.
    • Meet kid characters from around the world and learn how to say “hello” in their languages.
    • Parents can follow their child’s play and learning progress on the LeapFrog® Learning Path.
    • Play in LeapWorld™, a safe, online learning world with more games and rewards to expand the fun.
  • Show your nieces and nephews the world, Auntie! These interactive maps are a fun teaching tool that we think can also be pretty addictive.