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November 12, 2008  

Editor's Letter: Give. Thanks.

However we decide to cope with the current economical landscape, giving thanks is a wonderful way to remember everything that we do have - including wonderful, beautiful nieces and nephews and other children in our lives. And a great way to give thanks is to give back
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Give. Thanks.

Here's a list of over 40 Children's Charities That We Love - many of which were submitted by Savvy Aunties just like you!
Give. Thanks.

A Savvy Auntie Thanksgiving

Activity and Get Together ideas for Thanksgiving with your nieces and nephews...
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Leafy Benefits

This two-part activity shows the real spirit of Thanksgiving!
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Kota the Triceratops by Playskool

Kota's the closest thing your little one can get to having their very own dinosaur as a pet! And he's full of surprises - not the least of which is how life-like he is! Even we were amazed! Seriously. Amazed.
Find Kota Here

Auntiepedia: Thanksgiving Recipes Kids Love

Savvy Aunties! Do you have Thanksgiving recipes any niece or nephew would love? Whether you bring them over for a Thanksgiving treat, or make it an activity with the kids, what are your favorite recipes for the season? Pumpkin pie? Grandma's cookies? Sweet potatoes with marshmallows?
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As Seen On...The 10! Show

Savvy Auntie Melanie Notkin appeared on NBC's The 10! Show with Savvy Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages.
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