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Started By Jaz&Kyla , 7/29/2009 3:47:04 PM

Topic: Coping and Connections

Today, I learned the importance of spending quality time with my 17-year old niece. On Thursday, she will leave for a two week trip to Costa Rica; a trip she won by participating with Girl Scouts.

I kept asking myself what could I do to make her feel special. So, i took her to breakfast at Yolk, a popular breakfast eatery in Chicago. I told her she could order whatever she wanted. We connect and had a good time. We talked about her trip and what it meant to her and her future. Next year, she'd like to visit either India, France or Italy.

When she departs tomorrow, I will miss her, but know that I fed her and provided good nourishment (good food) for her spirit and soul.

Before chowing down, we held hands and said God is good. I know that she and I believe this. She goes with my blessings. Connecting is important with nieces and nephews.

Pamela E. Johnson
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    i believe your niece or nephew is never to young for "one on one" time. my niece is 5yrs old. when i lived closer to her i spent that quality time with her. going to mcDonalds, or just watching spongebob with her. I recently moved far away from her. Our bond is still close. i call her once a week. i will admit sometimes she doesnt feel like talking. she always tells me she loves me and will talk to me next week. i love the fact that she knows she will recieve a phone call at least from me.
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