• How to Teach a Child

    Sorry Auntie, but the Baby Prefers to Hear from Babies

    Don't take it personally; even mom and dad are no competition for baby talk

  • Fit & Fun

    Here’s Why You Can’t Keep Up with Young Nieces and Nephews

    That's even if you're an endurance athlete!

  • Auntie's Day

    Auntie's Day Is Sunday, July 22, 2018!

    The 10th annual day to honor aunts and godmothers is coming up!

  • Books

    Coming Out to My Lovely Aunt Pat

    Why the author of "Rainbow Relatives" kept his secret for so long

  • Health News

    An Important Heads-Up for Soccer Aunts

    A common soccer move can cause more brain injury than we thought!

  • Dear Savvy Auntie

    Concerned Aunt

    My SIL didn't want her baby and leaves him with my MIL every weekend...

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