• My Story

    How My Aunty Wilma Anne Helped Me Write My Daughter’s Lullabies

    My aunt’s voice will remain with me, always.

  • Dear Savvy Auntie

    Dog Daze

    My 5-year-old niece lost her dog - her best friend from the day she was born.

  • Auntie's Day

    Auntie's Day Is Sunday, July 22, 2018!

    The 10th annual day to honor aunts and godmothers is coming up!

  • College!

    The Organized Auntie Guide to the College Dorm Essentials

    Auntie to the rescue! Let's go shopping!

  • In the News

    The Reality Ignored for Childless Women

    Melanie Notkin's first essay in Quilette Magazine

    More at Quillette...
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    Official Savvy Auntie Brand AUNT-Ts!

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