• Coping & Connections

    This Is How I Came Out to My Niece

    The stress I had earlier began to resurface. How would I get my niece to understand my news?

  • Generation Z

    Focabulary Is Schoolhouse Rock! for the Hip-Hop Generation

    The music videos make learning and remembering, fun!

  • For You

    Childfree Adults Face Stigma, New Research Shows

    Those who are voluntarily childless are judged for not following a "moral imperative."

  • New Movies

    Have these 5 Conversations with Nieces and Nephews After "Beauty and the Beast"

    Make it a learning experience!

  • Dear Savvy Auntie

    Dear Savvy Auntie,

    How can I get my MIL to lay down the law with my nephew's poor behavior?

  • Auntie's Day

    The 9th Annual Auntie’s Day® is Sunday, July 23, 2017

    Aunthood is a gift. This day is ours!

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