• Graduation!

    6 Tips Aunts Can Offer College-Bound Nieces and Nephews!

    Help guide nieces and nephews heading to college or vocational training.

  • Books & Learning

    The Magical Experience of Sharing Harry Potter with my Niece

    More invested she got, more magical I wanted it to be...

  • Dear Savvy Auntie

    Dear Savvy Auntie,

    My niece was clueless about her period. May I teach her the facts of life?

  • Auntie's Day

    The 9th Annual Auntie’s Day® is Sunday, July 23, 2017

    Aunthood is a gift. This day is ours!

  • QualAuntie Time!

    Here's How to Make TV Time Mean QualAuntie Time!

    New ideas for watching, bonding, and learning from TV

  • Summer Movies

    Best Family Movies Ever

    Our partners at Common Sense Media have compiled the list of movies to make you a real movie heroine for kids!

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