Adult Nieces and Nephews

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Started By skb5 , 3/23/2011 10:28:10 PM

Topic: Coping and Connections

Encoverage them in ever way even when they are adults with children of there own. Its more rewarding than what you think it is. You have been apart of this childs life since birth and not having children of you own yet or is never going to. Take pride in them as adults, you did help in their accomplishments. I do and never plan on stopping ever. I have one more story, that is of my aunt that just died of cancer in November of 2010. Everyone looked at her in my opinion as leader of the family and she was first a mom, wife and teacher. Althought her teaching skills may have come into my life as a aunt, she was our hero forever. I will always miss her along with her brother and my uncle that also died three months after her of cancer. Well always miss them forever. Love this aunt Sandy.
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    I haven't been much of an aunt--not enough communication, etc. I hope it's not too late to reconnect with my adult nieces and nephews, and that this site will inspire me. All of us have had a great deal of turbulence/dysfunction in our lives. I have been dogged by severe depression since before they were born. Now that I'm retired, I hope and pray that I can make it up to them.
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