Inspiring young girls to think positively.

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Started By pincurlgirl , 10/31/2009 9:23:45 PM

Topic: Special Needs

Here is a great gift idea for all your nieces out there, help them get into the habit of thinking positive thoughts and improve their lives.

Here is the idea: Young women of all ages are looking for ways to increase their happiness and
thus improve their lives. I want to help, inspiring them to harness their
current strengths and find new ones. I believe we attract whatever we think
most about, and tools that help us think more positively must result in
increased joy--in every aspect of our lives. "Get Moxie" bracelets are
designed as an inspirational and fun tool that will aid in the developing of
positive outlooks, or what I think of as the happiness habit.

The Get Moxie bracelets come 12 in a pack with a how-to-guide on being a moxie girl.

Here's how the "Get Moxie" bracelets work. Place your "Get Moxie" bracelet
collection on one wrist. Throughout the day, with each deliberate positive
thought or deed, shift one bracelet to the opposite wrist. One wrist shows
goals for the day, the other tracks accomplishments. It's that simple. The
practice will encourage a healthy and loving relationship with one's self
and with the world. Positive Attitude = Happiness, Abundance, Success.

The Get Moxie bracelets will be available Nov. 15, 2009. Email if you want more information and add your name to the pre-order list. The set sells for $16.00

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