Dear Savvy Auntie,

This question comes to us from our
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Any tips from a savvy auntie on getting not so savvy aunts to be more kid friendly??

Savvy Sister

Dear Savvy Sister,

My questions to you are: What's "not so savvy" about your sister? Or do you have an idealized image of an auntie? And...what age(s) are your children? Keep in mind that aunties, just like parents, come into full bloom at different developmental stages of a child's development.

Some shine in infancy and some not until puberty. In any case, talking to your sister and asking and really hearing what her thoughts and feelings are about being an aunt will set you both on a more positive course.

Good Luck,

Natalie Robinson Garfield

Natalie Robinson Garfield is a Private Practice Psychotherapist & Consultant in NY ,

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