Dear Savvy Auntie,

My bosses make fun of their seven-year-old son when he cries. They call him a girl name similar to his name. They go from no warning to yelling at him and only step in to correct minor behaviors like chewing with his mouth open when someone else corrects him. Then they turn around and dote on their two-year-old daughter. She is allowed to do whatever she wants without consequence. She steals her brother’s food and drinks at meal time and he gets yelled at because she is younger than him. I love the kids to pieces and I'm just worried about the emotional scars being created by the parents because they and make fun of their son. I want to shake my boss and ask her what the hell she is thinking but alas, I can't, since that would definitely leave me jobless. Any ideas?

Savvy Nanny

Dear Savvy Nanny,

Dear Savvy Nanny,

Lucky children and lucky parents to have you in their lives! The fact that the children behave so well with you means two things: they are able to respond to limits and lovingness and their misbehavior is purposeful with their parents. It has been proven that children in a hostile home who have a consistent caring person who loves them are not likely to be “scarred.” Keep up your wonderful care giving and hopefully the parents will learn from you...they may just pick up some of your ways.

Good Luck,

Natalie Robinson Garfield

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