Dear Savvy Auntie,

My niece, who is 15 going on 25, is coming to visit with her parents in a couple of weeks. It’s not for me to say, since she’s not my child, but I don’t think my brother and SIL are raising her well. She’s into drugs, sex, tattoos and who knows what. Every time she visits her hair is a different color and she is disrespectful. Now I am a Christian, and it’s embarrassing for me when my neighbors see her.  I remember when she was just a little girl, she loved pretty dresses and playing with her dolls. Now she’s a girl gone wild. What’s a Christian Auntie to do?

Christian Auntie

Dear Christian Auntie,

All Christians have their cross to bear; as do people of all persuasions! Yours is not only your niece’s rebellious and self destructive behavior, but also your judgment and concern about what the neighbors will think. Your niece needs you now more than ever. Try to talk with her and have an open mind to what she is struggling with which causes her to behave the way she does.  Try to make distinctions between experimenting with hair colors and dangerous behaviors. Perhaps, with enough Christian compassion you could convince her and her family to get some professional or religious assistance.  

Wishing you Well,
Natalie Robinson Garfield ,

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