Dear Savvy Auntie,

I am a 40 year old single woman, and auntie to two darling nieces, 8 and 10. At this point, I am seriously considering having a baby on my own. But my sister-in-law is acting all judgmental, going to the point of telling me it’s “unethical” because the child won’t have a father. Well, I mean, true, he or she won’t have a father the minute it’s born, but I still have hopes of getting married one day. I am just afraid that my child will be considered like a bastard child or something. My parents are too old-fashioned to feel comfortable with the whole thing too. The thing is, if I don’t have my family behind, I’m afraid to go through with it. What do I do?

Baby on My Own

Dear Baby on My Own,

You are in the forefront of a new movement! The idea that a woman could have a baby on her own is very twenty-first century. Many women who are in the same boat have formed support groups with friends and like-minded women. Start looking around for supportive women, and men too, who will be there for you. Once you become pregnant your family will soften and once the baby is born their conservative views will probably disappear. There are many networks of women including, gay and lesbian, who are finding alternatives to one mommy and one daddy lifestyles.

Natalie Robinson Garfield


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