Dear Savvy Auntie,

My brother and I had a disagreement last November about politics on Facebook. He deleted me, then re-added me and I changed my settings so he can't see my posts and therefore will not get riled up.

I sent my 10-year old niece some Mickey Mouse earrings and a Mickey Mouse necklace for Christmas, and for the first time I have not received a 'thank you.' What should I do when her birthday and Christmas come around? Just send her a card?

Facebook Troubled

Dear Facebook Troubled,

I can understand your feeling offended and angry. Please don’t let your feelings about your brother’s behavior color your actions toward your niece! It is a supposition that she didn’t thank you has to do with her father. It may well be the typical 10 year old shift into preteen development. This stage is characterized by self absorption and immersion in friends, and family is put aside, hopefully only for awhile.

Since one of your most important roles is as a model....send a gift and card! When she matures she will be more likely to be tolerant, understanding, and value family relationships. She will also recognize that when family members have disagreements you stay in contact and try to patch things up.

Facebook is great in many ways, yet it is also filled with misunderstandings, hasty messages, and actions.

Since you reached out for advice, I think your heart is advising you to continue your relationship....follow your heart!

Good Luck,
Natalie Robinson Garfield

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