Dear Savvy Auntie,

When my older sister told us she was pregnant, I was over the moon excited for her! As for my younger sister, however, that wasn't the case. She kinda smiled, said, "Congrats," and left the room. Rude, much?

I don't think my older sister cared much (busy, busy - lots of people to tell), but I for one, was disgusted. I kept expressing my excitements and ambitious ideas for the rest of the day, but then my younger sister told me to shut up because "it's not that big of a deal". YES, ACTUALLY, IT IS! A new member? The first grandchild? I couldn't believe how she was acting!

The next day was an ENTIRE DIFFERENT STORY. I came home from school and was overwhelmed by my now super-bubbly little sister. "Oh, have you told everyone yet? I told the ENTIRE school, and my boyfriend..." on and on about how big of an event this was. "I will be the 'World's Best Auntie'." she proclaimed proudly.

Now, I was glad she changed that attitude, but WHAT? When did this happen? Last night, you didn't care at all! Now you're clamoring to be the best? I'm so confused! Mommy-to-be's husband has three sisters. So far, none of them has been weird about being the best, and they all seem supportive. Why is my sister flip-floppity?


Dear Anonymous,

I would guess that your younger sister is under twenty years old. For females of that age, the news of a pregnancy of a member of the family registers as sex rather than as baby. This is a touchy topic! Also, the friends at school are the “experts” what they wear, listen to, and say is what each other follow, especially how the boyfriend reacts sets the tone. You can expect more flip flops as pregnancy and a new baby create strong and varied emotions.

Good Luck,
Natalie Robinson Garfield

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