Dear Savvy Auntie,

My sister just told me my 14 year old nephew visited gay porn sites. She asked him about it and he said it was an accident. She told him if he is gay she will not love him any less. He denied being gay.

He's my only nephew and I am not sure how to approach it. We have a wonderful relationship and I've made it clear to him that he can talk to me about anything. Help! Thank you in advance!

Nephew Love

Dear Nephew Love,

Your nephew has a sense of whether he is gay or straight by this age. His sexuality is not the issue, internet porn is the issue.

Since you have a warm open relationship, just stay available, open, and warmly accepting. When he is ready he will let you know his sexual preference. As to the porn, whether straight or gay he is too young and impressionable to view artificial acts performed by actors. Therefore, I suggest you talk to your sister to research how to block pornography from the computer. Yes, it is true he could access it in print, that is a much more benign stimulus.

I am glad your sister is so loving and supportive, as there is nothing she nor anyone else can do to change his sexual preference.

Best of Luck,
Natalie Robinson Garfield


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