Dear Savvy Auntie,

One of my girl's savviest aunties is celebrating her 50th birthday soon. I'm interested in some advice from you and the rest of the auntie community on some ways that we can honor / celebrate her at her party. She has 8 nieces and nephews in all, from ages 4 to 14. She has been such a gift to us all and I'd like to organize the children/teens to make and/or do something extra special for her. Your advice greatly appreciated!


Dear Anonymous,

How wonderful! A Savvy Auntie birthday celebration! Please let us know all about it.

The most important element for honoring their aunt is that as much as possible be hand/homemade. Sooo… I would say get “cookin!" Although some of the finished products may be a bit crude or even lopsided nothing tastes as delicious to a savvy auntie as food made by her nieces and nephews. If you would like some recipe ideas please let me know. The same goes for decorations: twisted crepe paper streamers, metallic chain papers and table top confetti can even be handled with a little guidance by the youngest children. You could put together a savvy auntie photo album with each child signing their name on the first page. Perhaps, the most precious would be a book comprising a picture by each child and a written (adult help for the youngest) message to their auntie. Since it is not easy for children to do all the giving you might want to think about a goody bag for each child containing something that is representative of their auntie.

Happy 50th Savvy Auntie,
Natalie Robinson Garfield


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