Dear Savvy Auntie,

My heart is heavy. I was told by my nephew that his very closed-minded grandparents, who have never tried to get to know me, (I'm close friends with their daughter in law) tell him, and my twin niece and nephew, that I'm a molester because I've never been married or had children.

None of the kids, or their parents, believe it since they know me and my past. I didn't react to my nephew's comment. My friend demanded her husband confront his parents about making these comments about me. By the way, he is a police officer.

Any advice? I usually ignore their comments...

Insulted Auntie

Dear Insulted Auntie,

Good for you!

Ignoring this accusation from ignorant and mean people is your only option if their son is not effective in  setting them straight. Since the children do not subscribe to their trash talking, I think the best way to continue is to pay their comments no mind. I suspect they are jealous of your close relationship and are trying to be the most important relatives to the children. If you show your anger and upset it will only feed their comments and beliefs.

I wish you the best luck.

Natalie Robinson Garfield

Homepage photo:  Dean Drobot
Published: July 20, 2016

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