Dear Savvy Auntie,

If you're Christmas shopping with nieces or nephews and something ends up in a bag that wasn’t paid for, what should you do?


Dear Shopped,

I suggest you speak to your niece or nephew and tell them that it is unacceptable to take something you have not paid for and that it must be returned or paid for. I also think you should speak to their parents and let them decide how to handle it in terms of a discussion and consequence. If the parents are not on board I think a good consequence is a moratorium on shopping for a period of time.

It is very common for kids to try out shoplifting one or twice so, if this is a first time “offense,” it doesn’t mean that much. However, if it is a pattern, there needs to be a more serious reaction and an analysis of what is really behind this behavior.

I hope this is helpful,

Natalie Robinson Garfield

Photo: Nickolya
Updated and Republished: December 7, 2017


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