How to: Help a Hoarder in the Family

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  • AuntJanice said at 11:40 am on Jan 6 2010
    Thanks, Artchixx, for posting your story! You're an inspiration for those who aren't ready to speak about their own issues with hoarding. Once you shine a light on dark secrets and talk about them, they don't become as scary and you don't feel so alone. If you need me to chat about hoarding and other issues it may bring up, feel free to email me at
  • artchixx said at 1:32 pm on Jan 5 2010
    I am Savvy Auntie and a hoarder! I think the A&E show is just what I need to keep a constant reminder of where I came from and how easy it might be to slip right back into that same clutter disaster. I used to live in a house that "unspeakable" - take almost any of the homes from the Hoarders show and that was my world. I didn't know how to tackle the problem. I was already in therapy and had tried to talk to my parents explaining the situation. My Mom was the only one who knew the WHOLE truth - my Dad just thought he knew what I was talking about. I think God knew I was drowning - we evacutated from Hurricane Ike and my house was flooded and most of my belongings were ruined. I moved into my parent's guest bedroom for a couple of months and have been in my very own 1 bedroom apartment for almost 2 years now. I have to work EVERYDAY on my cluttering tendencies! I want to hang on to everything... it doesn't help things that I'm an artist and enjoy things like collaging. I'm also a member of a yahoo group - "messiness-and-hoarding" - it is also very helpful to be held accountable and be in touch with others who have been there and can give other points of view! Thanks for brining even more light to this dark secret!