A ParAunting Dilemma: Public School or Home School?

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  • Auntie Cadra said at 5:49 pm on Jul 8 2010
    Congratulations Sarah on your pending arrival! Homeschool has some so far from when I was in school. I am a homeschool survivor. I use the term "survivor" because school is torture for me. I would not have survived in public school. I, too, have math problems and it held me back. I would have drowned in public or private school. As for socialization, I don't think its much of an issue as people seem to think that it is. I never had a problem - still don't. My mom wisely hooked us into homeschool networks and we had plenty of class time interaction. When the time comes for Joseph & Hannah, I'm sure it will work out. Kudos to you for considering it!