Savvy Spring Reads

<p class="MsoNormal"><font size="2">Karen Gallagher:  This simile about spring comes to life for a little boy who is first paid a visit by a thunderous lion, followed with a drop-in from a docile lamb. Nieces and nephews will love comparing the behaviors of these two animals with the temperamental weather of spring and the effect it has on their lives.</font><br></p>Karen Gallagher:  This humorous book is about a dog learning to adjust to a new canine joining the family. Mr. Bud is used to ruling the roost and everything revolves around his schedule - that is, until Zorro comes along. A fun read-aloud for any young child, it is an especially helpful book for dealing with a new sibling, a new kid in class, or a new neighbor that may require some flexibility. <br>Karen Gallagher:  The wildly popular Pinkalicious is back in a fun twist about losing a tooth, but not just any tooth. It is her cherished “sweet tooth” that has fallen out, and Pinkalicious begs the Tooth Fairy for a sweet treat to tide her over until the new tooth has grown. She soon learns, however, that the sweetest flavor does not require a tooth to appreciate, but comes from deep within.  <br>Karen Gallagher:  You may find your nieces and nephews interrupting you with laughter as you read this clever story-within-a-story about a chicken who can’t seem to listen quietly during story time. The clucky protagonist refuses to watch passively as his friends in Hansel & Gretel, Red Riding Hood, and Chicken Little get into trouble. So he jumps right in to save his hapless friends much to the frustration of his tired father!Karen Gallagher:  “Weird Al” makes a big splash with his first book that is a New York Times bestseller. Perfect tempo and laugh-out-loud humor abound in this fun book about a boy dreaming about all of his possibilities. What a perfect way to start a conversation with your nieces and nephews about what they want to be when they grow up!<br><br>