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    My Aunt Joan

    By nagelgrrl

    9:42PM on Dec 30

    I had the coolest and nicest Aunt in the history of Aunts. Her name was Joan and held such a place in our family (she was my father's sister) that I took her name as my middle name and one of my nieces have been named after her (Joanie). Aunt Joan and I had such an amazing bond.

    She was absolutely beautiful (we're talking model material), had blonde hair and blue eyes (just like me) and was as thin as a rail. I remember her having a dry sense of humor and was tough in her own right. Though she smoked cigarettes and drank coffee all day, I thought she was the coolest thing on earth. She always made me feel so important and showed me that a woman can be her own self and do whatever she puts her mind to.

    I was 27 years old when she passed away sadly at the age of 45 due to Cancer. She will always be my favorite Aunt and can only hope to be as good of an Aunt to my nieces as she was to me.

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