Zolo Shangrila Activity Play Mat

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  • The Shangrila Play Mat from Zolo is full of developmental delights to hold your baby's fascination. One side has a variety of soft fabrics in different textures to stimulate their sense of touch, while the other has high-contrast black and white for visual stimulation. It also comes with five interchangeable toys that attach to the mat -- including squeakers, mirrors, and squishy gel -- so there's always something fun and new to discover. The legs keep the mat spread flat, let you hang included toys from it for extra fun, and fold down for easy storage.
  • Every baby needs a play mat. It's where baby asserts her independence by playing by herself for the first time - while her mommy is on the phone with you discussing the cutest thing baby did that morning! This one is extra special because it's double-sided; one side for when their vision still needs to develop, and they other side is where they develop touch. And it's just beautifully designed, just like Aunties (and moms and dads!) prefer.