The Bunny Who Found Easter by Charlotte Zolotow

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  • In print for almost forty years, Charlotte Zolotow's The Bunny Who Found Easter has delighted generations of readers. A lonely bunny goes hunting for Easter, where he hopes to find other bunnies. His search takes him through the seasons, but only in the spring does he find the true meaning of Easter. To this heartwarming story Helen Craig has lent her own original interpretation. As multiple stories unfold in each piece of art, viewer and reader are drawn into the poetic, song-filled text. This new rendition of an old classic is sure to charm readers young and old.
  • A sad, lonely bunny is in search of other creatures like himself.  An owl informs him that there are always lots of rabbits at Easter, so he embarks on a journey that takes him through summer, fall, and winter in search of this place.  Both the bunny and a mouse who has been following his every step ultimately find love and companionship when the special time of year finally arrives.