My Aunt Came Back by John M. Feierabend

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  • The classic folksong “My Aunt Came Back” takes on new life and meaning in this delightfully illustrated picture book, part of John M. Feierabend’s lifelong goal to identify and preserve the best music of our heritage for future generations.
    Illustrator Melanie Champagne adds an unexpected twist to this tune, an echo song that builds to a hilarious conclusion certain to engage children time and again.
    The song may be downloaded in audio form for free at The fully-notated version with all words and special directions is included at the end of this book. A new twist on a timeless story, this picture book will become a favorite of today’s children, another wonderful chapter in the continuing legacy of a delightful, classic folksong.
  • This funny book, based on the melody of the classic folk song “How Dry I Am”, tells the story of an aunt who travels to distant places. Each time she returns, the aunt brings back interesting things.  The rhyming tale ends with a unique twist that will keep your nieces and nephews begging for another read.