The Aunts Come Marching by Bill Richardson

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  • As a marching band of aunts descends on relatives, they enter the house one by one, playing their musical instruments and unleashing a cacophony of fun and chaos — much to the children’s delight and their father’s horror. This zany, sing-along counting book is based on the popular song. Parents and children can sing the familiar lyrics and count together as the aunts march across the pages. Exuberant illustrations complement this fun and engaging story.
  • Nieces and nephews will enjoy this familiar song and giggle with delight as a noisy group of “aunts” march across the pages. A spirited group of aunts play their instruments in a humorous take on the original song. The silliness continues as the raucous group of aunts takes over the house, much to the disdain of the adult relatives inside. A truly fun read aloud!