Hooray for You: A Celebration of “You-ness”

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  • "While technically this is a children's book, it carries such a strong empowering message that we have placed the review in "Self Help" as well as "Children's books." This is easily our favorite children's book of the year. Marianne Richmond speaks to the specialness and uniqueness in each of us. In both her verse and her delightful painted illustrations, she celebrates the individual in such a fashion as to make each of us believe she wrote it just for us. As this book made its way through our office, each person who rad it, form our 16 year old summer intern to our 62 year old programer, returned the book with tears in their eyes, feeling better about themselves, and wanting to share it with someone else. This book made me want to have children just so I'd have someone to read it to. It is the perfect book for any child, the perfect book for that friend of yours who is feeling a bit down, and the perfect birthday present for just about anyone. It is destined to be a classic. "
  • While this may be a “children’s book,” the message is one that appeals to graduates of every age. Through simple rhyming versus, this touching book celebrates the unique qualities every person possesses. The author communicates the importance of individuality in a way that will resonate with all nieces and nephews moving on in life.