Summersaults by Douglas Florian

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  • You shivered with delight at Winter Eyes, Doug Florian's award-winning tribute to winter. Now prepare to leap for joy over Summersault, the best-selling author-artist's celebration of all things deliciously summer. In these twenty-eight exuberant poems, you'll find inspiration (and perhaps a dash of perspiration) in the hazy days, the fly balls, the swimming holes, and the treat of oh-so-bare feet. Even the thunderstorms and mosquito bites seem too good to miss. And if you're not ready to tumble into autumn at the end of the season, don't sweat it—do Summersaults!
  • You will really enjoy reading this collection of 48 short poems with your nieces and nephews.  Each poem depicts a slice of summertime, such as grasshoppers, mosquitoes, watermelon, skateboarding, and swinging, but with an imaginative twist. Playful watercolor illustrations enhance this perfect tribute to the summer season.