Little Passports - Subscription Gift

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  • Inspire your child to learn about the world with a Little Passports subscription.

    Each month our characters, Sofia and Sam, travel to a new country on their magical scooter and share their experiences with your child.Your child will receive a personalized package via postal mail that includes an adventure letter, fun souvenirs, activities and access to our online Boarding Zone full of games and activities.

    Monthly packages will include:
    A personalized letter from Sam and Sofia describing their in-country adventures
    Fun and unique souvenirs and gifts that bring each country to life
    A secret code to access our online Boarding Zone full of games & activities
  • As a Savvy Auntie who may travel for work or pleasure, indulge your niece or nephew in the magic of travel, without having to pack them up!  This subscription gift is a great idea for a Long Distance Auntie who wants to 'show up' on her niece and nephew's doorstep however she can.

    $10.95 per month.