Wee Mobile

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  • Make your own crib mobile! This stainless steel mobile kit turns whatever images you like into a floating gallery for your infant. Pair it with the Wee Flash Card set (pictured at left with the mobile kit and sold separately) for a black and white crib mobile that's made to appeal to babies' developing eyesight, or fill it with your own photographs as your baby gets older. A mobile is a great way to encourage visual development -- plus it keeps your baby from staring at a white ceiling all day!

    *The Wee Flash Cards (pictured in the illustration) are sold separately. Use two boxes of the flash cards to create a complete mobile.
  • For now, everything in your baby niece or nephew's world is black and white. Don't worry, one day their world will be in HD, just like yours. But for now, this Wee Mobile is as entertaining as it gets.