Shred Sled

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  • As seen on The Today Show! Check out some testimonials!

        * It brings the thrills and carving movements of snowboarding to the streets.
        * It has a cool feel--combination of snowboarding and skateboarding.
        * Can quickly go uphill. It's easy
          to propel the SHRED SLED. You don't even have to push off!
        * 4 INLINE wheels have much more control than 2 wheels.
        * The 4-80mm polyurethane wheels and ABEC-5 Bearings are SMOOTHER and STRONGER and rarely need to be replaced. (unlike other boards)
        * The concave decks make for better foot control.

    The Shred Sled is SMOOTHER AND EASIER than older 2-wheel boards.Get your Shred Sled today!
    Are you ready to SHRED!?

    With Shred Sled's new dual deck caster board you can easily start Shredding in no time!

    It consists of two boards, coupled with a flexible connector, which allows both boards to rotate around the vertical and horizontal axes.

    This 4-wheel, dual-deck carve board makes it SMOOTHER and EASIER to start carving up the streets. Its fun and much easier to control than older 2-wheel generation boards. It's also great for strengthening the legs and waist muscles. The SHRED SLED is a fun way to exercise and gives you a feeling of carving like snowboarding and skateboarding.

    Its easy to kick off and start getting speed. Its 4 wheels make it a much smoother ride. Plus, its much more durable because the decks are made of almost indestructible ABS material and the wheels last a long time. The decks have a great grip surface to allow for better control and traction.

    The common feedback: "This board rocks!!"
  • Your status as the coolest aunt on the block just hit the entire neighborhood. Oh Auntie, you've done it now! By the way, helmets are cool. Make sure your nephew or niece wears one.