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  • Create your own stuffable pets at home by designing them online, and printing them on Printies Fabric sheets using just your inkjet printer! On you select a shape and start designing using dozens of easy to use art tools. When your pet looks exactly how you want it, you can print it out on a Printies Fabric sheet. These pre-sewn, patent pending sheets are made of 100% soft cotton but work just like paper in any inkjet printer. After printing out your design on the front and back, you tear out your pet from the sheet. Use the opening at the bottom to stuff and seal it shut with a pair of shoes. There's no sewing, no gluing, no cutting - No mess!
  • This is such a creative idea! We love bringing over craft projects when we visit our nieces and nephews. Get them started on one Printies stuffable pet, and leave them making more! Maybe you'll get to take one home with you, Auntie.