A Plump and Perky Turkey by Teresa Bateman

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  • "The people in Squawk Valley/ were downhearted and depressed./ Thanksgiving was approaching,/ but without its special guest." All the turkeys have fled town except for one fowl named Pete who responds to a ploy a "model wanted" ad for the local art show. After posing for various sculptors, painters and collage artists, Pete steals off with a turkey made from oatmeal as payment and joins up with his other feathered pals. Shelly's exaggerated settings and caricatures do little to season Bateman's (Leprechaun Gold) prolix delivery and half-baked premise. Ages 4-8.

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    --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.
  • Finally, a gaggle of turkeys that have learned a lesson or two from their predecessors!  The witty birds of Squawk Valley have made it difficult for its residents to enjoy a succulent Thanksgiving Day feast.  And so, in an effort to catch the most attractive turkey, the people advertise for an “artist’s model” for a local fair.  Vanity almost gets the plumpest victim into deep water, but the clever turkey manages to outwit the townsfolk and avoid the chopping block.