Auntie Claus: Home for the Holidays

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  • Have you heard? New York is the new North Pole!
    Just ask Auntie Claus!

    Sophie Kringle had always dreamed of being the Sugar Plum Fairy in the school play. After all, Sophie is a Kringle. Her family lives at the Bing Cherry Hotel, and her favorite aunt, Auntie Claus, serves Christmas cookies at teatime — even in July. When Auntie Claus hears that Sophie will make her debut in the school play, she decides to have her cake and eat it too — this year Auntie Claus will be home for the holidays and the North Pole will move south to New York! Finally getting to see the tree at Rockefeller Center, the department store windows, and the 57th Street Snowflake with Auntie Claus — Sophie will have a Christmas that she never could have imagined!
    Join Sophie on an adventure that goes straight to the heart of Christmas! Bring along your favorite Christmas cookie recipe, your warmest coat, and your tutu!

  • Oh Auntie! This is the most wonderful Christmas book for you! Merry Christmas!