The Portal in the Park (Paperback)

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  • Synopsis: THE PORTAL IN THE PARK Story by Cricket Casey Audio book and songs performed by Grandmaster Melle Mel Featuring Lady Gaga The Portal in the Park, a modern Siddhartha with an urban multicultural edge for a multitasking generation of young readers ages 6 to 10. It is a musical fantasy adventure that takes its eleven-year-old hero and the audience into another dimension, a world where magical creatures introduce the boy to new awakenings of his body and mind. It tells the story of Scott, a typical bored eleven-year- old boy, who one afternoon, while playing with friends in Central Park, leans too far over the bridge and tumbles off unexpectedly into a magic portal that leads him into another world where he meets frightening creatures who attempt to destroy his spirit with their negative energy and attitudes. Further on his journey, he encounters other, magical creatures who, in dialogue and song, teach Scott about positive feelings, managing his emotions, self-discipline, and the value of exercise. As good and evil battle each other, Scott experiences a personal transformation. Returning to the real world, he is a changed boy with new, healthier values, and a happier attitude. This is a fictional tale that is brought to life with music and songs that move children in a new direction of holistic literature using both right brain and left brain to help them read, rap and remember.

  • Lady Gaga for kids?! Your nieces and nephews will go gaga for Gaga!