Baby Goes Pro DVD Early Beginning - Gigi Fernandez

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  • Baby Goes Pro Early Beginning The Early Beginning DVD emphasizes the first two elements of the building blocks of sports, Equipment and Movement. Set to a mix of original composition and sing-a-long songs, featuring vivid colorful imagery, with Emkei the Monkey as coach, children will be captivated and entertained while being introduced to the most basic fundamentals of five, skill oriented, sports: tennis, golf, soccer, basketball and baseball. The movements are demonstrated by professional and collegiate athletes in a technically correct manner. Interactive flash cards introduce young viewers to the equipment for each sport and movements performed by the athletes. The goal of the series is not to create professional athletes, but to introduce children at a young age to sports in order to enhance their motion development and encourage physical fitness. Our products are a vehicle to inspire a generation to move. The lovable animated character, Emkei the Monkey (pronounced M.K.) plays the role of both host and coach throughout the video series.
  • Sporty Auntie? Want to give your little niece or nephew a head start in sports? This should help get the ball rolling!