Whiplash Scooter

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  • Be the first to own The Whiplash. The Whiplash Scooter is a self-propelling, revolutionary new ride that is part scooter, part Wave board and totally fun. The Whiplash Scooter’s flexing deck and handlebar fuse together to provide riders with a cool, side to side, whip-like ride. Riders can self-propel the scooter so that their feet never touch the ground or ride it like a a traditional scooter.

        * Rear caster wheel with ABEC 7 bearings
        * Extra long handle that folds for easy travel & storage
        * Wave Torsion Self propelling technology
        * Extra wide skate inspired flexing deck
        * Reinforced & lightweight design

  • This scooter helps tone their tummies! It's great to get outside and exercise all while having fun - don't you think, Auntie? Please don't forget a helmet too!