Alternative ABCs

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  • This alternative ABC board book features original, colorful, and graphic illustrations and typography by Southern California based designers Eric Ruffing and Dave Parmley of 13THFLOOR.

    In this humorous and hipster take on a traditional ABC board book for kids, the alphabet here reads: F is for Flames, M is for Mohawk, P is for Peace, and S is for Skull. This is the board book that Soccer Moms run from and Rocker Moms gravitate to.

    Aesthetically borrowing from street, surf, skate, and music subcultures, the custom design and typography beautifully spell out this unique alphabet. From Calligraffiti to Pin-Striping, and from Goth to Punk, this little book crosses genres and is sure to create a buzz.
  • For the superstar Auntie who wants to make sure her little ones have a rockin' attitude from the very start.