Madame Alexander 9 inch Fancy Nancy Ballerina Doll

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  • Fancy Nancy is the fanciest ballerina ever to do a pirouette. Fancy Nancy wears a gold metallic lame crown decorated with orange embroidery on her head, with a violet Lycra ballet leotard and lavender tulle tutu. Fancy Nancy's ballerina outfit also comes with a pink satin waistband, multi-colored striped legwarmers, and stitched-on hot pink ballet slippers. Accompanying Fancy Nancy to rehearsal or recital is her ever-loyal, ever-fancy dance partner, her plush white dog, Frenchy! Nancy's dog Frenchy wears the same ballerina outfit as Nancy - tailor-made to Frenchy's specifications, of course! Fancy Nancy Ballerina is triply happy she has a dog like Frenchy and knows the two of them couldn't be any fancier. Doll is 9 inches tall.

    Madame Alexander dolls have enticed the hearts of girls of all ages and collectors around the world. Always exquisite, enrapturing and adorable, Madame Alexander dolls remains to be a favorite classic toy and collectible item each holiday season
  • If Fancy Nancy had a doll on her wish list, this soll would be it. Madame Alexander makes Nancy very, very Fancy.