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    Enhance a child's creativity with Lil Scribblers™!

    Lil Scribblers™ are redesigned crayons formed into fun shapes that are perfect for those little chubby toddler hands and great for big kids too!

    Made with only the best Crayola® crayons, Lil Scribblers™ are created by melting a variety of colorful crayons to allow a swirled design to form. Each Lil Scribblers™ is unique...and each one contains about 5 (or more) regular crayons in them! Wow! That means that this set of 5 Transportation Lil Scribblers™ is like getting a set of 25+ regular crayons! Each one also contains a variety of colors within the same hue scheme so you get a swirled effect...this makes for some fun coloring!

    This set includes 5 Transportation crayons - a bus, a train car, a plane, a boat & a motorcycle in primary hues - red, orange, yellow, green & blue. Other colors & designs (shapes) also available...just ask!

    Each set comes packaged in a clear cellophane bag with colored paper shredding, tied with raffia.

    These make great party favors or classroom gifts! I can package them individually with a bag topper too (just contact me for options & cost).

    *Please keep in mind that although the exact same blend of colorful crayons are melted each time to make each set, the actual swirl design in the Lil Scribblers™ may vary from the picture...due to the nature of the melting process!

    Happy Coloring!

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    I can also customize your Lil Scribblers™! Do you want them all in one color? Do you have a set of colors in mind? Let me know! I can customize an order just for you! Certain color/custom options may increase the cost, but not me for options!

    Wholesale orders available as well.

    INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING OPTION: We DO ship overseas/internationally...just contact us and we'll set up a listing for you with accurate shipping charges.

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