Zoobles 2-Pack Animal Doll Set - Dog and Bunny

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  • The Zoobles 2-Pack Animal Doll Set - Barkarella and Warren pops open to reveal fun collectibles characters. Have twice the fun with 2 Zooble friends! Put these curled up critters on their own "happitat" hot spots and watch them spring to life! So many characters to discover! The Zoobles 2-Pack Animal Doll Set - Barkarella and Warren includes:

            * 2 Zoobles
            * 1 Deluxe Happitat

    Welcome to the world of Zoobles! Venture into magical, mysterious world of Zooble Isle, where you'll find over 100 different critters! Curled up in little balls and hidden high upon the treetops and in the depths of the seas, Zoobles spring to life when you place them on their "happitat", transforming into cute, colorful, quirky characters to play with! When you press their heads, their eyes even blink! And you can decorate them with stickers to make them your own. You'll have tons of rolling fun and pop-open surprises when Zoobles spring to life! There are so many magical ways to play!
  • One of the hottest toys for girls this holiday season are Zoobles (by Spin Master, the people behind the wildly popular Bakugan!). Scoop 'em up (or should we say Zooble them up?!) before all the other Savvy Aunties do!