Hexbug Nano - Blue

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  • The HEXBUG Nano micro robotic creature behaves like a real bug, skittering across the floor, flipping over on its back and then righting itself. It can even find its way out of mazes and other obstacles. Created in an extensive development process, the Nano features a distinctive closed nose shape, a low center of gravity and an unusual internal and external chassis design.

    Hexbug Nanomite robotic creature speeds around on any smooth surface seeking a way to escape. Register your hexbug online to earn points, play games, earn status and learn scientific facts.

        * Vibrating action for speedy movement

        * Self-righting feature helps bug climb to its feet

        * Random behavior helps bug avoid objects and solve mazes

        * Battery Included

        * On/Off Switch

        Colors and styles vary. Style selected at random when shipped and may differ from image pictured.

  • Nephews love bugs. We love Hexbugs.