Karito Kids Travel Charmers 2 Doll - Ling Travels to Russia

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  • Have fun traveling with our Karito Kids Travel Charmers 2 Doll - Ling Travels to Russia. The Ling Travels to Russia doll combines value and giving all in one while opening a door to the world of Karito Kids® Travel Charmers™. So cute, little girls can't resist their charms. Targeted to girls ages 3 and older, each Travel Charmers doll features a unique embroidered face that captures the distinctive beauty of the doll's ethnicity as well as brushable silky hair. Learn about other countries through their travels. The 16 inch dolls fashion reflects the modern style of each country and comes with a souvenir charm. Best of all, each Travel Charmer empowers kids to help kids through a special code allowing them to log onto karitokids.com and direct 3% of the MSRP to children's charity Plan International and direct their gift to one of four charitable causes: school, home, health or food.

    Ling's Trip to Russia: Pandas, pandas, pandas - that's all I think about, right? That's what I thought too until my father and I visited Russia! The plane trip from Shanghai to Russia was so long I had plenty of time to think about pandas even while munching on some yummy Russian food like 'perogi.' The pillowy treats reminded me of Chinese won-tons, only stuffed with mashed potato and sauerkraut. Once in the city of Moscow, Papa and I headed for the zoo. The entrance looked like a fairytale castle so I expected to find a dragon inside! Instead I found thousands of amazing animals. Sadly there were no pandas but Papa introduced me to the Siberian Tiger, the biggest cat in the whole world. Papa told me the Siberian Tiger is endangered which was why he was invited to Russia - to share his ideas on how to save them. Truth: I wouldn't want to get up-close-and-personal with a full-grown Siberian Tiger. But I would like to see them around...for a long, long time!
  • Savvy Auntie, you can show your niece the world in so many ways....