Hexbug Bridge Battle Set

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  • Assemble the Hexbug Bridge Battle Set for hours of head-butting action with your new robotic bugs. With 29 pieces, it's easy to build and rebuild extensive, multi-level Nano habitats. Rebuild the Bridge Battle Set into multiple configurations to try a new habitat whenever you want. The set comes with 2 extremely rare Nano mutants, so you can battle right out of the box. These rare pieces behave just like real bugs and can flip over and right themselves or use the working doors to travel through their new habitat. Register online to keep track of your bugs or play games and learn more about science.

    You'll get everything you need to build your own HEXBUG nano Bridge Battle Habitat with our Hexbug Bridge Battle Set! This includes:

        * 29 Easy Connect Pieces
        * 2 HEXBUG nano specimens

    Collect and Connect with other HEXBUG nano habitat sets and accessories! Batteries are included.

  • Hexbug is a great way to help them develop their coordination, spacial relations and love of science. And this play set is also a lot of fun! A LOT of fun!