Construction Cutlery

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  • Eating has never been so fun for little ones! This dinner set comes with a bulldozer pusher, fork lift fork, and front loader spoon. Designed with function and play value in mind, these "tools" have textured, easy grip handles and detailing that allows little hands to hold on tight. Each is rugged, light weight, and dishwasher safe - not to mention great for extending productive eating time while attempting to eat out! Materials are FDA approved and NO PAINTS are used in this product.

    Dimensions of the fork and the spoon are 5 3/4 inches long by one inch wide. The pusher is 4 1/4 inches long and one inch wide.
  • No need to shovel in the food, Auntie! Your nephew (or niece) will love to bulldoze it in... or fork lift it... maybe front load it? Well however they do it, eating dinner will not be a danger zone with this cutlery set.

    Thanks to Savvy Auntie Lisa Sylvia for letting us know about this Savvy Gift!