Barbie "She Said Yes!" Barbie and Ken Doll Gift Set

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  • Barbie and Ken are back together again in this She Said Yes! doll gift set. The wave of romance continues. Barbie doll makes a statement in a modern black and white, one-piece swimsuit and Ken complements Barbie with his board shorts and bright yellow towel.

    Toys'R'Us recognizes that at any given moment in history, Barbie® is a reflection of the times and always culturally relevant. Barbie® is the world's only brand that allows girls to imagine themselves as a mermaid to a movie star, a fairy to a fashionista, and a princess to a president. With various doll styles, accessories, playsets, along with role play costumes and collectibles, Barbie® is on-trend without being trendy, classic without being outdated! The Barbie® brand serves a purpose to girls as they try on different personalities, careers, and explore the world and all of its possibilities without ever having to leave home! Although the Barbie® brand roots are as a fashion doll, it has grown into a fashion and lifestyle brand, spanning numerous product categories...all available at Toys'R'Us!

  • We've been waiting for Barbie and Ken to "really" get married since we were little nieces ourselves! Now your niece can enjoy the wedding... we hope she invites you, Auntie!