The Cat in the Hat I Can Do That! Game

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  • The Cat in the Hat I Can Do That! Game is a high-energy game that combines balancing, jumping, sliding, giggling, and more to celebrate your child's I Can Do That attitude. Jump into the fun and discover all the new things you can do! Can you limbo under the trick-a-ma-stick while balancing the fish on your stomach?! There are hundreds of hilarious possibilities. The player who earns the most stars wins. The Cat in the Hat, I Can Do That! Game offers hours of out-of-your-seat fun while encouraging reading development, physical activity, and memory skills.
  • Finally, a game that's fun and interactive for the whole family - including Auntie! Just like the Dr Seuss books this game takes after, there's lot of reading development and a little silliness too. And when your niece or nephew complete a task, they'll exclaim: I can do that! What a game!