B. Meowsic Keyboard

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  • More than a mini piano, this toy also plays bells, organ, banjo and a silly meowaphone

    Features 20 familiar songs plus 7 witty kitty tunes
    Retractable mic amplifies children’s voices because anything worth saying is worth saying louder
    Child controls beat and tempo
    Record and play back songs over and over; auto-off feature—kitty purrrrrrs itself off to conserve batteries
    Manufacturer's Suggested Age: 2 Years and Up
    Number of Pieces: 2
    Dimensions: Length: 19.0 "; Height: 10.0 "; Width: 2.75 "; Depth: 2.75 "
    Product Weight: 1.8 Lb.
  • It's like a whole cat band! And who's the lead singer? That talented little niece or nephew of yours!