TONKA CHUCK & FRIENDS Fold ’n Go Tumble Tower Playset

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  • Rev up your engine for tons of tumbling fun! Set your CHUCK THE DUMP TRUCK vehicle at the top of this tower to watch him tumble down the moving ramp and come speeding out the side. Then, put him on the lift to send him up to the top to do it all over again! When you and your vehicle pal really want to put your “driving skills” to the test, send him down the ramp to do his flipping ramp stunt. When playtime’s over, park your CHUCK THE DUMP TRUCK vehicle inside the playset and fold it up, so you’re all set for on-the-go stunt fun! Playset comes with 1 vehicle and instructions. Includes 2 “AA” batteries. Ages 18 months and up.
  • We just love portable playsets that your nephew (or niece) can tote from Mom's to Auntie's to Grandma's without a hint of mess. We'll leave the mess to Chuck since he's the dump truck.