How to Get a Me, the Boss (How To Series)

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  • The know-it-all narrator from the New York Times Bestselling How to Be a Baby is back with the third book in the series. This time, she knows all about how to get a job, and she walks readers through the whole process: from deciding what you want to be all the way to acing the interview (tip: don't bring your pet gerbils). This book is sure to be a hit with kids who love to play pretend and dream about what they're going to be when they grow up.

    From the Author
    I wrote this book because it's what my sisters and me did as children.
    We adored playing pretend jobs. I loved being a doctor and carrying a black bag and giving everyone injections (aka vaccinations). And when I grew up I wanted to be either:
    •     an actress-vet-doctor-writer
    •     or a horse (I galloped all over the forest making snorting sounds. oh dear.)
    One of my sisters loved being a teacher--and putting us all in rows and making us "behave" and giving us homework and marking us. (She grew up to be a teacher--a brilliant wonderful one!)
    This book gets children laughing and chatting about what they want to be when they grow up.

    It's also a surprise hit with recent graduates who are needing some tips about the job-search and-- most important of all--need a bit of light relief given this job market...
  • One of our favorite picture book series! Not only is How to Get a Job by Me, the Boss fun to read to children, your nieces' and nephews' imaginations will be inspired by the illustrations when they read the book independently. We also love that it will open discussion about what you do for a living, Auntie.